3 Barrel Brewing Experience Form

The Mother Earth Brewing Brewmaster Experience intended for those interested in honing their home brewing skills or even newbies who love craft beers and want to have a unique experience to share with all their friends.  Learn the art and science of brewing with Mother Earth Brewing Brewmaster, Josh Brewer (Yes, that’s his real last name!). Josh will share his extensive experience in the brewery business in a unique one-on-one setting.

The Brewmaster Experience is 5 days of working one-on-one with Josh Brewer, Brewmaster at Mother Earth Brewing. Learn how to build a recipe based on beers you already enjoy or flavors that interest you – you decide your custom recipe through beer flavors and hands on ingredient education.  We provide the natural ingredients, professional brewing equipment, and the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the process; you will complete all of the steps in the process from milling raw ingredients, boiling wort, pitching yeast, transfer or filtration (depending on beer style you choose),and kegging and cleaning of tanks.  When your brew is finished – you will have an exclusive launch party release of your brew at the Mother Earth Brewing Tap Room! Your personally designed tap handle will be on tap on day of release and duration of your beer on draft!


The fee includes one-on-one instruction from Mother Earth Brewing Brewmaster Josh Brewer, use of professional brewing equipment, and base ingredients for your beer. You’ll also be able to enjoy your very own hand-crafted brew on tap at the Mother Earth Brewing Tap Room from the day of your launch party until it is gone!

A maximum of one opportunity for this unique experience is offered each month.  Scheduling is dependent on Mother Earth Brewing’s full production schedule, and the Brewmaster Experience may not be offered every month.  The cost is $850.00, but for the first 4 people who book a special rate of $700.00 will be offered for the Brewmaster Experiences– a $150.00 savings!


Exact times and dates for your Brewmaster Experience have some flexibility and can take place during Mother Earth Brewing business hours (Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm).  Please refer to the descriptions below for what your days will entail.  Note that while some days may run consecutively, some parts of the experience require several days in between.  Your final day is a release party – choose a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening and invite your family and friends to come out and drink some of the beer you designed and brewed in the Tap Room at Mother Earth Brewing.

5 day Brewmaster Experience Description

Day 1 (3 hours)

The first day is a sensory class where you will become familiar with the equipment, brewing ingredients and processes. You will work one-on-one with the Brewmaster to formulate your own beer recipe in preparation for brewing your beer.

Day 2 (6 hours)

Brew day. This day consists of actually brewing your beer, including milling grains and adding them into the mashtun, boiling and adding hops to the kettle, and transferring your wort to a fermentation tank. All based on the unique recipe you formulated on Day 1.

Note:  Days 1 and 2 can be, but are not required to be, consecutive.

Note:  Days 2 and 3 will be approximately 7 to 14 days apart.

Day 3 (4 hours)

Depending on the style of beer you have chosen this day will consist of transferring your beer to a storage tank or filtering your beer into a storage tank to then be aged and carbonated.

Note: Days 3 and 4 will be approximately 2 to 4 days apart

Day 4 (2 hours)

Kegging your beer and cleaning the storage tank.

Note: Days 4 and 5 will be approximately 1 to 2 weeks apart.

Day 5 (2-4 hours)

Your launch party with your beer on draft!  Invite your friends and family to join you for a pint of your very own beer!

  • A tap handle we design with your art or picture on it
  • Special Brewmaster Experience poster for you to keep
  • One free pint per day in the Mother Earth Brewing Taproom for as long as your beer is on draft
  • Social media marketing and personal video of experience
  • Option to purchase one keg at a discount if brewing for a birthday,wedding or for your own home draft system

About the Instructor

Josh Brewer (add link to MEB page with information “About” Josh)

Josh Brewer is the brewmaster behind Mother Earth Brewing in Kinston, N.C. Many years ago, Josh recalls leaving his unfulfilling desk job in Chicago and heading straight to a brewery. He worked as a winemaker in Belize and a brewer in both Hilton Head, S.C. and Hawaii. He opened up his own brewery in Beaufort, S.C. before finally settling down roots in Eastern North Carolina.