About Us

The Christmas of 1995 started like any other Christmas, but by New Year's, everything had changed. A simple home-brew kit was the cause, and the effect was a transformation as Josh Brewer embarked on his evolution into "Josh, The Brewer."

Josh "The Brewer" Brewer

After a relatively successful brew, Josh strolled through the doors of his local Chicago brewpub with one goal in mind - a job. "No job, but they were kind enough to let me clean the kegs for free!" he says, as he recalls leaving his unfulfilling paper-pushing job every day, and heading straight to the brewery. Devouring every bit of information at the brewery, he began improving his homebrews, and soon joined a homebrew club.

Soon he found himself living in Belize, Central America, making wine for a French-Thai restaurant. Though island life was nearly idyllic, he felt a void, and it was clearly a crisp homebrewed pale ale. Scouting for a novel locale to learn more about his new trade, he discovered the South Carolina coast. A few quick checks on the Web revealed a brewpub in the area. Back in Belize, he placed the call, with hopes of taking this brewing thing to the next level: a career. Destiny was in his corner, and in two short weeks, he went from ferry boat captain by day/winemaker by night to Brew Master of a small brewpub in Hilton Head, SC. Cool. "I knew there was a lot more to gain knowledge of, so I eventually went job-hunting, and found an outstanding brewpub in Savannah. I was hired, and just thrilled to get this job."

After devouring brew knowledge in Savannah, the next step was the Big Island of Hawaii. "The brewpub there had an exceptional reputation, and I soon found myself working with super knowledgeable brewers again." He and his wife bought, built, and sold a bicycle tour company, and then headed back to the mainland to start a family.

Back in Beaufort, SC, Josh opened his own brewpub. "Designing nearly every element of the brewpub and managing construction was a fantastic experience," Josh genuinely recalls. After his daughter was born, balancing a demanding work life and family was thorny. He began to hunt for a new opportunity.

Just around the corner that opportunity was waiting. A start-up brewery, hmmm, somewhere in North Carolina. "I Googled Kinston immediately, called Trent, and said I'd be there the in the morning if he had time for me," Josh fondly recalls. After a few interviews, he was packing a U-Haul, and the family was off to establish themselves in beautiful Eastern North Carolina. Josh says, "This project could not be more exciting... from all of our earth-friendly practices, to our unique three-barrel test brewery, I'm genuinely wound up when I get to work each day. A bonus: we're in love with the area."

Few people have the courage to abandon job security to search for bliss in doing what they love. For Brewer, the risk has been well rewarded.