Back from Hickory, & We've got Medals!


Well, we're back from Hickory Hops Festival, and it lived up to its reputation (and then some...!)

We appreciate all the outstanding feedback we heard from craft beer lovers, and even those who are new to the craft beer scene. We're also psyched that we won a SILVER medal and a GOLD medal for two of our beers! Read on for more... or click here to read our full Press Release.

On April 17th, Mother Earth Brewing participated in the mega popular Hickory Hops Beer Festival, held in downtown Hickory, NC. The festival included the well respected Carolina Championship of Beers, a blind-judged beer competition.  Over 150 beers, in 85 style categories were carefully analyzed by an assortment of certified beer judges and brewers.  Gold, silver and bronze medals were offered in each category.

Mother Earth Brewing was recognized for their superior products. In fact, we won a silver medal for our Endless River Kolsch and a gold medal for our Dark Cloud Munich-Style Dunkel. Way to go Mother Earth 'brewing team!'

Much thanks again to everyone who came out to support us, and ALL the craft beers that made a showing. Are you ready for MORE>>?? Because the festivals continue this weekend.

DON'T FORGET TO COME ON OUT TO THE WORLD BEER FEST THIS COMING WEEKEND (APRIL 24th) IN RALEIGH, NC ! More than 250 world class beers will be on hand!
Visit our events page for more info!

Peace, Love and Beer.........................................TM