Beer & Cheese: a winning combo!


Celebrating the pleasures beer brings...I've enjoyed pairing unique craft beers with a variety of locally made cheeses for a few years now. I was psyched to read this blog post from Cheese and Cheers, pairing our Endless River Kolsch and Weeping Willow Wit with southern cheese. In fact, David (the blogger) enjoyed the pairing he created very much, writing "Two excellent pairings in one sitting! I would score the “Wit and Bees” at 4.5 out of 5, and “Kolsch and Honey” at 4. I really encourage you to read his entire blog here. His blogs are fun to read (he is an excellent writer,) educational, and trust me, they will inspire you to get creative with your beer and cheese! I know a few parings using Tripel Overhead are running through my mind right now... Thanks David for an excellent reminder of how versatile beer can be.
So the lesson for today is:: support your local brewery, support your local farmer. Another idea? If you live in/around Kinston, the local strawberries are screaming to be included in your next pairing.
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Peace, Love & Beer.............................................TM