Christening the new Still!


I want to start this month’s blog off with a quote from one of my all time favorite songs: “Today was a good day.” So what am I quoting the famous Ice Cube for?? Well, today was the day that we kicked off the new era for Mother Earth Brewing: Mother Earth Spirits!

We have been working diligently on getting the new distillery up and running and have been constructing the distillery space for almost a year now, so it was really exciting to get going on our first batch of spirits today.  We started off today making Mother Earth Whiskey.  Josh and Dan have been working hard on coming up with the right recipe and blends. We will be starting off the process with four different recipes, and then doing taste test to decide which whiskey we will release into the market. We can’t tell you all the specifics of the recipe, but the new line of Mother Earth Sprits will be made in small batches, with care, and will surely blow everyone’s minds!

Along with making some North Carolina whiskey we are working on formulating other products that we will be releasing under the name Mother Earth Sprits.  We are making a gin with all sorts of aromatic botanicals and a Grappa that we will make with North Carolina grapes.  Grappa is made with the husks of grapes after they are juiced so of course, in keeping with our name and philosophy, we are looking to team up with some North Carolina vineyards to recycle some of their grape husks after they have juiced them to make their wine.

In addition to the distillery we have added an organic garden at the brewery where we are growing local produce for Kinston's new Asian grill, Ginger 108.  It is really awesome to be able to walk outside the brewery and pick local vegetables to eat for lunch and dinner.

Everyone here at the brewery (and now also the distillery) is very excited about all the new ventures!  It is great to walk through the brewery and see everyone talking about summer, the distillery, the brewery, good vegetables, sharing recipes, and an all and all healthy lifestyle!

So yes Mr. Ice Cube, I gotta say, Today was a good day…….Trent