Get to Know Dan Feldman, Production Line Manager


joe and danWelcome Dan Feldman!

After a ‘short’ journey of a mere 3,250 miles, Dan Feldman (sporting the red hat in the pic!) rang the doorbell at Mother Earth Brewing. Dan began his excursion in Ucluelet (Yoo-cloo-let), British Columbia, Canada, and if he had driven straight through, Google Map tells me it would have taken him an astounding two days, seven hours. Of course he’s smarter than that, but still hustled his way to eastern, NC in less than a week. Fewer than 24hrs after his cross country jaunt, he was experiencing a hell of an event filled day a Mother Earth- tackling our very first day of canning. Lucky for us, Dan isn’t a quitter.

Dan arrived well prepared to supervise Mother Earth Brewing’s production lines thanks to a number of varied positions he has held over the last decade. As our beer barrelage continues to swell, more and more pressure is put on our production line trio (bottling, kegging & canning) to keep pace. Spend just a few minutes watching our production line activity and you’ll agree; Dan’s got a lot going on.

So when you see this guy in the Taproom, or on your next Mother Earth Brewing brewery tour, give him a welcome. Until then, here’s a bit of info on the guy.

Q: Favorite beer style?
A: Favorite beer style is Extra Special Bitter, thanks to a stay in Britain. But I’m also fond of Scottish Peated Ales.

Q: What excites you most about MEB?
A: Growth potential.

Q: If you were in charge, what style would Mother Earth brew next?
A: An Extra Special Bitter; of course!!

Q: What is your "go-to" beer website?
A: HA! ProBrewer no doubt. (This website boasts an unimaginable amount of info for those in the beer brewing business)

Q: If money were not relevant, where would you travel on your next vacation and why?
A: Mars. Most people think I came from there. I want to see why.

You can follow Dan on Twitter @flounderguts or check out his blog

Welcome aboard Dan, we’re glad you’re here.

Peace, Love and Beer… Trent

PS. The other guy in this pic is our new Cellarman, Joe. More on Joe next week!