Major Taproom Happening!


Announcing at major Mother Earth Taproom happening!
Thursday, May 12th starting at 5p

The Amazing Ben PrestageHis name is Ben Prestage, and he'll be at the Taproom to give you one sensational night of Blues! You won’t believe the magic this guy produces!

Born the grandson of a Mississippi sharecropper, Ben Prestage has been soaked in Blues tradition and Mississippi culture since birth. Now’s your chance to hear all about. We’ve followed this guy for years and can promise you he never disappoints. You’ll be amazed at his ability to play guitar, banjo, harmonica, fiddle, bass, and drums while singing his own brand of Blues. Ben has won a number of awards for his unique spin on the Blues. Want to hear a bit for yourself? Check out this amazing tidbit of his work. And here's a quick run-down of his accolades!

Ben entered the International Blues Challenge (the world's largest gathering of Blues musicians) and within three consecutive years took 4th, 3rd, and 2nd place. He is also the only two-time recipient of the Lyon/Pitchford Award for "Best Diddley-Bow Player." Ben's interesting approach to instrumentation, (fingerstyle guitar, harmonica, banjo, lap-steel, fiddle, resonator guitar, foot-drums, vocals, and his award-winning original songwriting) has earned him invitations to perform across North America, Europe, and as far as North Africa. All awards aside, he has proven himself, through his live performances, to be the future of American Blues, Roots Music, Americana and is one of today’s most talented players.

Ben has played all the hottest spots in America, and we're really honored to have him visit us here in Kinston. We hope to see you on May 12.

Peace, Love and Beer...... Trent