Mother Earth Brewing on TV Special


Mark THIS in your Blackberry: Mother Earth Brewing is featured on North Carolina Weekend, THIS THURS (tomorrow!) Jan. 13th at 9pm on UNC. There will also be airings on Friday Jan. 14th at 8p and Saturday Jan. 15th at 10a.

This is a really great piece, and even if you already know a bunch about Mother Earth Brewing, I bet you'll learn a thing or two. The show explores the ins and outs of Mother Earth Brewing- showcasing the brewery, the Tap Room, the Barrel Aged Room, and even some local folks who happened to be enjoying a Mother Earth brew in the Tap Room at the time of filming. Josh reviews the highlights of each of our staple beers, and Stephen and I chat about how Mother Earth Brewing got off the ground.

We hope you'll 'tune in' and support your local brewery! Here's a bit of a sneak peak for you to enjoy: Mother Earth Brewing NC Weekend Preview

Thanks, as always, for your support...

Peace, Love, and Beer………Trent