No Secret Handshake Required.


Psst! Pass it along: Homebrewer’s Meeting is the 1st WED of every month at 7p. I only ask that you email me and let me know that you’d like to come.

Our Homebrewer’s meeting is attracting more people every month. Our next meeting is tomorrow (WED) at 7p at the brewery. Please email me if you’d like to attend.

Homebrew clubs vary a great deal in size, shape and formality. So you might wonder what you can expect at our Homebrewer’s meeting. Is there a secret handshake? A formal chain of command? A clandestine knock? A request to present your membership card? Naaaaah. It’s nothing like that.
Our group is an informal one, and includes women and men from every walk of life, and every experience level (to include NO brewing experience at all!) We sample beers that homebrewers bring in for critique (and to just share the pleasure!) and I usually bring a few really unique beers that I have scouted out for the group since the last meeting. We talk a lot about homebrewing of course- sharing pitfalls and smash-hits… trading suggestions, funny stories, and offering advice. We are still developing as a group, and we’ll twist and turn until it feels comfortable, fun, and educational.

Happy Brewing……………..Josh