Shipwrecked in Corolla...


They call it the Graveyard of the Atlantic, and the more than 1,000 ships that have met their end here since the mid 1500's certainly would agree. Many of you locals know that "the graveyard" is a term commonly applied to the waters off the Outer Banks of NC. We snagged this shot of Sisters of the Moon IPA perched on the shore in Corolla in honor of the 1,000s of men, women, children and seamen lost at sea off the Outer Banks coast. ...Enjoying a sunset walk along a pristine beach with an IPA almost seems criminal when you think of the hard knocks these Outterbankers have taken. Cheers to the Outer Banks. And if you're visiting the Outer Banks, be sure to check out our Brewfinder because MEB has made it into a number of bars, restaurants and retail locations.

Peace, Love and Beer.............................. TM  

photo captured by Greg A. Chianis