Wild, wild ride


The last few weeks we’ve enjoyed a wild, wild ride… we’ve experienced a lot of “firsts”, from our first brew, to first sales, and a Killer beer fest in between. I hope you’ve been following along with our Tweets.
Lets catch up:
Our virgin system served us well on September 16th, as we brewed our inaugural batch of Dark Cloud, a Munich Dunkel. Before I knew it, Josh brewed the equally impressive Sisters of the Moon IPA, Weeping Willow Wit, and Endless River Kolsch. As if this wasn’t enough stimulation, we soon began preparing for the much anticipated WORLD BEER FEST. With our slick ME van packed out with fresh kegs of Weeping Willow Wit, Sisters of the Moon IPA, and an mixed bag of ME memorabilia, we headed off to the 14th WORLD BEER FEST in Durham, NC on October 2nd. Our awe-inspiring travelling bar turned heads, and our Wit and IPA were praised beyond my wildest dreams. A sincere thanks to all who visited us. If you missed the event, check out a variety of World Beer Fest scenes. Still recovering from our road trip, the bedlam continued.  We fired up the bottling machine and bottled our first beer, Sisters of the Moon IPA. After a virtual 24/7 operation, I’m proud to say our first bottled product headed out the door. It has only been a few weeks, but incredibly, we’re now brewing our second batch of beer. Thanks for catching up with us, and be sure to check out our Brewfinder page for constant updates on where you can find Mother Earth beer.  
Peace, Love and Beer………………….