Added Tap Room Days & Some Live Music Too!


Happy Holidays, Happy Holidays! The Tap Room is prepping for your holiday pleasure! As an early holiday gift, we’ve added a few extra Tap Room days, and we've lined up some LIVE music. What better place to re-connect with friends as they visit over the holidays? So as Thanksgiving approaches, keep these dates close at hand:

Wed, Nov. 24: 4p-10p (Live Music 11/24!)
Thu, Nov. 25: CLOSED
Fri, Nov. 26: 4p-10p

Tue, Nov. 30: 4p-10p
Thu, Dec. 2: 4p-10p
Fri, Dec. 3: 4p-10p
Sat, Dec. 4: 1p-6p (Tours)

–Don’t forget that Mother Earth Brewing items make for excellent holiday gifts! We have an outstanding assortment of items (something at every price point!) that you can easily Order on line, OR stop in the Tap Room to pick up a treat for your loved one! –We have lots of very cool items for sale (logoed glasses, frisbees, magnets, license plates, all kinds of Ts, and here's a hint: a super fresh Mother Earth Brewing 6pk makes a great host/hostess gift!) ...that's just the start!

Speaking of Christmas-time, here are our holiday hours for December… now start making plans! We hope we’ll be chatting with you at the bar soon.

Thu, Dec. 9: 4p-10p
Fri, Dec. 10: 4p-10p

Wed, Dec. 15: 4p-10p
Thu, Dec. 16: 4p-10p
Fri: Dec. 17: 4p-10p
Sat, Dec. 18: 1p-6p (Tours)

Wed, Dec. 22: 4p-10p
Thu, Dec. 23: 4p-10p (Live Music 12/23!)
Fri, Dec. 24: CLOSED
Sat, Dec. 25: CLOSED

Wed, Dec. 29: 4p-10p
Thu, Dec. 30: 4p-10p
Fri, Dec. 31: CLOSED
Sat, Jan 1: CLOSED

Peace, Love, and Beer………Trent