All About Joe...


Joe and DanA few months ago we had the pleasure of meeting Joe Kavanagh. After reading our job posting from his home in Wisconsin, Joe jumped on the next bird headed to NC and became our Cellarman. You might have heard the term tossed around, but what does a Cellarman do, you might ask… Well, he’s the go-to guy for almost anything. He’s on the spot to prep and assist a brew, clean tanks, take up a position on the all-important bottle and can lines, fill kegs, arrange a massive beer order, and basically lend a helping hand to every aspect of the brewery operation. Joe has worked in the industry for a while now, and as you’d expect, he’s got an unthinkable respect for beer.

No doubt you’ve seen him around the brewery, in the Taproom, heading up a brewery tour, or out at a beer fest- so, here’s a bit of info on Joe.

“My favorite beer style Is American Pale Ale (APA) because it manages to be refreshing and hoppy while maintaining a good balance and stays drinkable for the entire session.”

“I’m really excited about being at MEB. To put it simply, the mission inspires me. Being a part of a conscious effort to leave as small of a footprint possible, while making great beer with great people and having fun doing it- that’s an incredible job!”

“I’d love to someday take a bike tour through Belgium. Why? For the beer of course!”

 “My wife was offered a position as a professor at ECU. I immediately started Googling nearby breweries. Imagine how psyched I was to discover Mother Earth Brewing, and then find out this job! Since we have moved to eastern Carolina I have been  Playing disc golf, trying as much local BBQ as possible, spending time at home with my wife Katy and our dog Louis, drinking local beer, making new friends and for some reason I have turned into everyone’s father and taken up lawn care as a hobby… go figure…”

Next time you see Joe out and about, I hope you’ll welcome Joe to eastern NC.

Peace, Love and Beer… Trent