Farm to Table Event!


Mother Earth Brewing is Honored as a Farm to Table Participant!

If you’re a big time craft beer enthusiast, you probably already know that one of craft beer’s most anticipated annual events is right around the corner: the 30th annual Great American Beer Festival. Referred to simply as the “GABF” by those in the biz.

If you aren’t familiar with the GABF, here’s some info. The festival runs September 29-October 1 and takes place in Denver, CO. It’s recognized as the premier US beer festival and competition- and of course, Mother Earth Brewing is going to be there… along with about 515 other breweries! Have no doubt; the GABF is HUGE; serving up liquid gold to about 50,000 attendees. Going to the GABF feels like waking up on Christmas morning as a kid. It’s energizing.

While we are thrilled, as always, to be part of this incredible beer event, what’s really got us jazzed is our participation in the GABF Farm to Table pavilion. To say we’re honored to have been one of only a dozen breweries invited to participate in this elite setting is a colossal understatement. The Farm to Table event offers the opportunity to demonstrate how well craft beer pairs with food and showcases how brewers creatively infuse their specialty beers with specific fresh ingredients. Mother Earth Brewing will present Tripel Overhead, a Belgian Style Tripel Ale and Dark Cloud, a Munich-Style Dunkel. The chefs who have the privilege of preparing the culinary delights are equally astute. The Farm to Table experience blends seamlessly with our philosophies, so we’re especially flattered to be rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest and most respected players in the craft beer industry at this affair.

Our schedule is packed with a number of other outstanding events in the coming weeks. Check out our Events page for all the happenings- we hope to see you soon.

Peace, Love and Beer… Trent