Attacking a Tripel today...


Attacking a 20 bbl batch of Tripel today. Trent has been pressing me to make this beer since he tried a small batch I made about 6 months ago and fell in love. So, I’ve been working on this beer for quite some time, and I’m ready to make it happen. Most of my brews have been "double batched" (we have a 20 bbl system, therefore double batches are a whopping 40 bbls)-- handling this 20 bbl batch of Tripel will be more manageable but it’s always tricky when you brew your first large batch of any beer. I’m doing some positive thinking, and bet Trent will start off 2010 sipping Mother Earth Brewing’s first tripel.

For those of you who don’t know (and might be curious) a Tripel is usually enjoyed as a "sipping beer"- meaning it isn’t going to be packing out your cooler for a day at the beach. A lot of malt is used to create a Tripel- I'll be using Belgian and German malts for ours. A tripel is usually yellow to gold in color, may have some light spicy flavor, and its light in body for the amount of alcohol. Tripels are known to have a high abv (alcohol by volume)-- and that’s why they are usually enjoyed as sipping beers. We will be aging our Tripel in whiskey barrels, and doing some cool experimenting with some on our 1 barrel system too (I’m really psyched about that.)

I can’t reveal the name of our Tripel, or what is going to happen to the Tripel once it is done aging in the whiskey barrels,,, but when I can, you can bet the news will be posted here first. Okay, I guess it is time to get to work.

Happy holidays, and a sincere thanks for all of your support.

Peace, Love and Beer... Josh