Barrel Aged Tripel Overhead RELEASED!


Hi Mother Earth Fans.

Some of you may have already tried Mother Earth Brewing's Tripel Overhead, available at our Tap Room, and recently released state-wide in 4-pks. But here's a new twist to this fast-growing fav, Barrel-Aged Tripel Overhead. If you've been to the Tap Room, you've no-doubt checked out the Barrel Aging Room, and probably wondered whats going on in there... now the secret is out, and you can enjoy it in your very own home starting tomorrow! The secret? It's Barrel Aged Tripel Overhead.

If you are a visitor of our Tap Room, you may have heard all about it... the good news? 4-pks of barrel-aged Tripel are being RELEASED tomorrow (THURS 6/3) at 4pm::: exclusively at our Tap Room. So, if you love it, we encourage you to take it home with you! You can't buy 4-pks of barrel-aged Tripel Overhead anywhere else! -And this isn’t a gimmick:: supplies are very limited, as this is an exceptionally handcrafted brew.

Here's what Head Brewer, Josh Brewer has to say about it:

"Our barrel aged Tripel Overhead pours a gold color. Expect bourbon, vanilla and coconut notes in the taste with a bit of alcohol heat in the finish. This beer is super complex and changes as it warms. Really, a very rare beer indeed- so try it while you can."

For more info on the Tap Room hours, etc, check out the Tap Room link. Remember, the Tap Room is open THURS and FRI at 4p, and every other SAT.

I look forward to seeing you there soon.

Peace, Love and Beer................................. Travis, Tap Room Manager, Local Accounts Manager