All About Saison


Around the brewery, we're all about trying new Saisons the last few weeks, just priming ourselves for our next 1 bbl test-batch beer. Many of you have told us how much you enjoy our 1 bbl batches… so here we go again. Like I said, the style is called Saison, and unless you’re a major beer connoisseur, you’ve probably never heard of it- and most certainly not tasted it.  Well, we’re here to change all that.

We won’t make this complicated- but we’ll give you enough info to carry on an intelligent chat about it next time you’re hanging out on the Taproom’s patio.

Mini history: Saison was originally brewed in Belgium. These smart guys brewed Saison when it was cold- so they’d have an invigorating drink to consume during the warm summer. While Saison isn’t an overwhelming popular style, it has certainly gained a following in the US over the last decade.

So what about taste? I have to be honest with you, you’ll likely love Saison or pass on refills. The flavor isn’t going to appeal to everyone—but that’s what this craft beer world is all about: variety. One thing is for sure- it is a refreshing beer, and I can certainly see why it was consumed during the summer months. Its refreshing character is partly due to the fact that it is highly carbonated, tart, and offers a strong fruity flavor. You’ll likely be really surprised when you sip it- it almost dances in your mouth- really unexpected stuff here. –So much so that I’m sure many people say “this doesn’t taste like a beer” when they first try it. ABV is in the range of 5-7%.

The plan is to brew this baby next week… again working the 1 bbl system to the max. I’ve said it before- but here I go again- I just love that thing. Check in with Travis at the Taproom for updates on its debut.

Peace, Love and Beer…………………………………………TM