Canning Day has Arrived!


 A lot has been happening around Mother Earth Brewing this month.

As lots of you have heard by now, our canning line is up and running smoothly. We’re cranking out cans of Second Wind Pale Ale and Sunny Haze, a Hefeweizen Style Ale at an unbelievable rate. To help us run this bad-boy we’ve hired Dan Feldman and appointed him Production Line Manager. –And Dan gets lots of support from the rest of the Mother Earth Brewing Team to make his day run without hiccups.

Mother Earth Brewing followers ask me questions about the canning line wherever I go, so I thought I’d give everyone a heads up on just what goes on inside Mother Earth Brewery’s canning room. Enjoy these stats and general info:

* 6 packs of Second Wind Pale Ale and Sunny Haze, a Hefeweizen Style Ale make their state-wide debut this week. –Ask your local pub, restaurant, grocery or specialty store when they’ll have it stocked!

* The canning line was made in Calgary Canada.

* It takes 3 people to manage the canning line efficiently.

* The machine fills 5 cans at a time.

* It can crank out 28 cans per minute!

* At the end of the line, a 6 pack of cans is topped with a top notch plastic cap made by Paktek which holds the cans together in the usual 6 pack configuration. They’re also 100% recyclable and reusable.

* Four 6 packs are then packaged into a cardboard housing which sports the Mother Earth Brewing logo. –No plain brown cardboard case here; the logo is a nice touch!

* With the addition of Second Wind Pale Ale and Sunny Haze, a Hefeweizen Style Ale, our beer selection now stands at 6 full time styles, and 3 seasonal offerings. Cheers!

* In just one momentous day, Mother Earth Brewing released these two new beer styles And two new packages!

If you’re ready to check the canning line out for yourself, then get in on a brewery tour (offered the 1st and 3rd Sat of every month, starting on the hour starting at 1p with last tour at 4p) or, hit the taproom and catch good sight of it from the viewing window we’ve installed.

We’re really excited and proud to offer Carolinians another opportunity to enjoy quality, homegrown, craft beer – now served up in a can.

I hope you'll have time to check out a bunch more pictures of our first canning day in the Gallery.

Peace, Love and Beer… Trent