Get Your Gueuze On!


So, if you had the pleasure of visiting the Taproom last night you're probably already are well aware that we’re serving up an extra special keg of St. Louis Gueuze Fond Tradition. Here’s the deal- we love sharing our fav beer styles with you (yes, even styles Mother Earth Brewing does not brew!) because we want you to be educated about what’s out there—the true variety of craft beer is mind-blowing… and we know how easy it is to just stick with what you’ve come to enjoy. Hey, if it’s workin’ for ya, why switch to a new style? Well we’re not here to pry you away from your favorite IPA or beg you to drop that Weeping Willow Wit… But, we’d encourage you to broaden your beer spectrum, and give this baby a shot. Okay, that’s cool, but what the H*LL is St. Louis Gueuze Fond Tradition (-and what’s with the super long name?) Well, it’s a beer of course, but if you taste it, you might argue with us about that. Read on and find out why (better yet, forget this blog and come down to the Taproom in a couple of hours and have Travis serve you your very first sip!)

St. Louis Gueuze Fond Tradition’s style is Gueuze. So what’s a Gueuze? To put it simply: It’s a Belgian beer that is a blend of a variety of lambics. But, unlike a limbic (that is served uncarbonated) these bad-boys are highly carbonated. Their most notable characteristic is sourness. Yes, it tastes sour (significantly sour in fact) and Yes, it is supposed to taste that way. Gueuze is golden in color, is a very clear beer, and offers an aroma of fruits (often apple)- you might also notice mild oak- but you won’t find any hop aroma. ABV is around the 5-8% range (St. Louis Gueuze Fond Tradition comes in at 5%)

As always, we are not here to lecture you about the complexities of Gueuze… just giving you a bit of basic knowledge to spike your curiosity. All of us at Mother Earth Brewing are 110% loving this stuff right now—and seriously, it fits in great for the unreal temps we’ve been having lately as it is lively, fresh and a super-easy drink.

If you can’t make it to the Taproom this weekend, we hope you’ll be inspired enough to search out St. Louis Gueuze Fond Tradition and try it at home. Remember, we’re open today AND Saturday (brewery tours start SAT at 1p, and every hour until 4p)—Head Brewer Josh will be leading the tours this weekend… so get out of the sun, grab a Gueuze and go on a FREE brewery tour.

Hope to see you soon.

Peace, Love and Beer…………………………………………..TM