Learn something new every day...


We all grew up hearing the phrase "learn something new every day"-- and ya, I agree, it got on my nerves too. But, learning something new about BEER every day grabs my attention- and so does this new website: This is Not "just" a new beer website, this is all about CRAFT beer, and the brains behind it are the most respected guys and gals in the industry. In fact, it is run by the Brewers Association, which is the trade association that represents many US brewing companies. Not only is the layout of the site super appealing, but it is packed with craft beer info for people with a variety of knowledge and interests. Julia says it best:
"Beer from small and independent craft brewers seems to have everyone—from wine lovers and famous chefsto restaurateurs and celebrities—talking about craft beer,” said Julia Herz, a spokesperson for the Brewers Association. “ is an extension of that conversation. The site serves everyone, from the beer beginner to the budding beer enthusiast, highlighting the culture, authenticity and broad spectrum of beer from today's craft brewers.”
BEER and FOOD!! Lots of crazy info on things to try in your kitchen tonight... pair beer, cook with beer, etc...
BEER TERMINOLOGY!! Start throwing out those fancy terms-- or just learn some basics so beer reviews will make more sense to ya.
BREWERY TOURS!! Virtual tours, now that's cool.
There's a lot more to discover, and trust me, it isn't often I encourage you to visit a website other than ours!

Peace, Love and Beer........................................................TM
PS Happy Friday- hope ur weekend includes Mother Earth.