Insiders look...



So, I was walking through the brewery last week and a few random items caught my eye. A strange collection of stuff that we're proud of and love in an odd kind of way here at Mother Earth Brewing. Thought I'd share them with you. 
Barrel aged beer, our slick Tap Room and a kickin' skateboard.

Tripel is happily aging in these well worn barrels- ready to be unveiled in a specialty 4-pack near you soon. We love 'um because we've sampled whats coming of age in them, and trust me the Tripel we're concocting is mind-blowing.

There's a seat right here waiting for you in our Tap Room. I get lots (and lots) of questions about what the Tap Room is going to be all about. Here's a run-down of the basics: Yes, we'll serve wine too. No, we won't offer a menu. Yes, we'll have guest taps and we promise that only the finest hand picked beers will be featured in our Tap Room. Yes, Yes, Yes, we'll be open soon (by soon I mean within the next 6 weeks or so) We love it because we're anxious to add another modern, unique place of gathering to downtown Kinston. We've put our hearts and souls into its design, and we think you'll agree it is worth the long awaited opening.

Ahhh, the skateboard. Well when cathin' a wave isn't an agreeable option, this board is the next best thing. Trust me, it has seen a lot of action and already has a few stories to tell. Between attending beer dinners, managing production, and kicking off our beer releases all over the State, I've had a busy new year and I love this baby because it is a stress-buster.

Peace, Love and Beer........................................TM