Mother Earth visits Duck Rabbit


The last couple of weeks at Mother Earth have been action packed and fun filled.  We have really progressed quite rapidly and everything is moving along as planned.

Last week Josh and I spent the day at Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery in Farmville, NC getting to know Paul and his crew and I have to say they are a first class operation with a crew of first class guys.  They were so nice to welcome our new venture to Eastern North Carolina and invited us to their facility with open arms.

Josh and I are always eager to go see other breweries and get to know the people behind them.  The brewing community is very friendly and we all have the same goal, to see the craft beer industry thrive!  Having said that, we all support one another with great enthusiasm and support.  Paul Philippon, founder of Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery, showed Josh and I a detailed tour of his facility along with letting us sample some fresh Amber Ale, Milk Stout, Brown Ale, and Porter.    I think Paul makes excellent beer and I can't wait to have a long relationship with Paul.

Cheers to Paul and the Duck Rabbit Crew!

As far as the construction goes everything is still rolling right along.  We have filled the massive hole, which would have been under the brew house, and have all the steel in place to fully finish the demolition.

We have gotten the cut-through done between the brewing facility and bottling line.  This was a big part of the renovation and was a little challenging structurally.  We got everything structurally sound and are happy to say this is behind us.  This crucial cut - through will give us forklift access from the main brewery to the bottling line, cold room, and storage rooms.  This was a big part of making "the flow" of our brewery operation a reality.

Along with getting all the holes covered up and cut-through for the forklifts we are in the process of removing half of the second story floor.  Taking out half the second floor will kill two birds with one stone:  1.It will allow us to have a huge amount of height to house our 40 BBL fermenting vessels and Uni tanks.  2.  The remaining part of the floor will house Mother Earth's corporate offices.  The second floor offices will overlook the brewing facility through a glass wall allowing everyone to feel as if they are a part of the brewing process.  It is sure to be a great and fun environment at Mother Earth Brewery.

Besides meeting with Duck Rabbit and continuing the construction we are tackling all kinds of other things that are keeping us really busy.  We are heading to Raleigh on Thursday to see the premier of Beer Wars with our friends at Lone Rider Brewery in Raleigh, not to mention a few Shotgun Betty's' and Dead Eye Jacks' before the movie!!!.  It is sure to be a great time and I can't wait to see the movie I have been waiting so long for. I am so excited about Beer Wars you would think it was a sequel to North Shore, Rad, or Big Wednesday???  (Ha-That was for everyone that knows me.) 

The Mother Earth team is chugging right along and getting closer to production everyday!  We leave next week for Boston and will be attending The Craft Brewers Conference for a week so I am sure we will have lots to talk about when we get back.  As for now, thanks for all the support and for actually following this blog.  For me, along with everyone at Mother Earth, we can't wait to provide some wonderful handcrafted ales and lagers to each and every one of you very soon.

Peace, Love, and Beer..............................TM