News we're pumped about...


Just as yesterday was starting out cold, rainy and all-around uneventful, I was happy to see that our mail carrier kindly delivered me a ray of sunshine:: in other words, this month's Beer Advocate had arrived. Before I get to the News we are so pumped about, you need a bit o' background info. on Beer Advocate.

For those of you who may not know about Beer Advocate, I highly suggest you become a regular visitor to their website. Founders and Editors, Jason and Todd Alstrom have created a name for themselves as critical beer reviewers, and all-around beer gurus. Their following is HUGE among craft beer professionals and homebrewers alike. Seriously, this is one of the most comprehensive beer websites out there. IMPORTANT info here:: Every month they review a dozen+ beers.

Okay, okay,,, so on with my story: I casually flipped to the beer review section, curious to read about whats hot and whats not, and always ready to try a beer they've raved about. I was shocked beyond belief to see not ONE, but TWO of our beers reviewed! Dark Clould Munich Dunkel and Endless River Kolsch. The kicker that sent me over the top? The reviews were raving: scoring an A- and A respectively. It feels good to know that our attention to detail and high brewing standards are paying off. -and Cheers to Head Brewer Josh for brewing up these winners.

As soon as the reviews get posted on their website I'll be sure to share. Or, pick up a copy of Beer Advocate yourself, kick back with a ME brew and enjoy.

PS I hope Mother Earth will be sharing this Sunday's big game with you. Thanks for your support.

Peace, Love and Beer................................................... TM