Putting the Craft in Craft Beer


Putting the ‘Craft’ in Craft Beer.

How is craft beer different from mass marketed, macro beer? It’s all about the way we make (or craft) craft beer, and it starts with the ingredients.

Here’s just one cool example: Team Mother Earth spent yesterday morning hand-picking each and every blackberry that will flavor a new, very limited, brew.  In fact, we picked 46 pounds of the sweet berries in just under 2 hours. If you have not been blackberry picking, take note: it’s a pretty tedious job, and trust me; I’ll forever look at a package of blackberries with new respect. Take a look at some of our pics, and you’ll get a sense of what our morning was all about. Temps were in the 90s, and we all needed a change of clothes post-picking,,, but the resulting brew will be well worth the effort. –A great experience, and just one more reason we love craft beer.

Stay tuned for more info on the beer release… but this is what we can tell you right now:

We’ll be making a double wit- adding local honey and the blackberries in during fermentation and then aging the beer in a pinot noir barrel. This beer will be celebrated (read: consumed)during a collaboration beer dinner Mother Earth will have with New Belgium brewery. The special dinner will be held in November at the Chef & Farmer. More details to come on that topic.

A special thanks to Whites Farm in Vanceboro for letting us invade your place, and all the help and advice you offered. There’s nothing better than supporting our local farmers.

Peace, Love and Beer……………………………………………………..TM