Saison is brewin'


What we've been up to...
The last week or two have been totally crazy- so I thought I'd update you on some happenings.
SAISON: Last week, I told you all about Saison- an interesting style of beer that isn't often heard of (if you missed it, read-all-about-it) We said we'd do it, and we did. Even though we had beers to brew, bottles to fill, and 4 tanks to position in place, we managed to brew a 1 Bbl batch of Saison late last week. The leading organization of the craft beer industry, the Brewers Association, says: "The hallmark of craft beer and craft brewers is innovation. Craft brewers strive to interpret historic beer styles with unique twists and develop new styles that have no precedent" We could not agree more, and that's what our 1 Bbl system is all about.
MOTHER EARTH BREWING STORE ON-LINE: We also launched our on-line store! You'll find all kinds of Ts, glasses, stickers, and even a frisbee and beach towel! (And that's just the start!) We've been working hard to choose only 1st rate materials for our products... organics and recycled... every effort has been made to select items that are as 'green' as it gets.
OUR HOP PROJECT: Last year we initiated our "Hop Project" by planting 25 hop rhizomes right here in Kinston. It is just the start, but let me tell you, we are all stunned at how well the hops have done- the growth is unreal. So we'll do a 1 Bbl and dry hop it with <LOCAL HOPS> ... keep posted.
MEDALS: Last, but Certainly not Least, we won 3 medals at the US Beer Championships! Here are all the details. A GOLD for Endless River Kolsch, a GOLD for Dark Cloud Dunkel, and a BRONZE for Sisters of the Moon IPA. We are really proud of this, and we are especially excited to draw attention to Eastern NC-- let the whole world know we make excellent beer, right here in Kinston!
Hope everyone had an outstanding 4th of July, and as always, thank you for your never-ending support of Mother Earth Brewing.
PS:: Check out the Brewfinder for dozens of new places you can experience Mother Earth beer, or take it home with ya.

Peace, Love and Beer..............................................TM