Tanks, Labels & Our Own Sweet Hops


Thanks for catching up with us. We have a lot of action at the brewery this week, and we are thrilled to be closing in on setting all our tanks. Take a look at whats been happening- a good variety of updates here to read about.

Peace, Love and Beer..................................... TM

Rolling in the tanks: It took some fancy fork lift work, but our fermentors, and hot and cold liqour tanks are now set in place. Seeing these massive stainless steel tanks through the extra large windows has everyone on the street excited. Pretty cool stuff.

Hot Liqour Tank Moves In

Here is a shot of one of our many varieties of hops... and ya, they are growing right here in Eastern North Carolina. The cones are really amazing, and have far exceeded our expectations. What a beautiful sight.

The Sight of Sweet Hops, Eastern North Carolina 

Our Dark Cloud Munich Dunkel label has been approved. This label is just one example of our four approved labels. Each label brings out a unique aspect of life in Eastern North Carolina. Dark Cloud takes you right out to the country.