Things are Rockin


We've been insanely busy the last few weeks... it seems just like when I think we can't get any busier, we Do. October has rocked, and will continue to do so (November has great stuff goin on too!)
Last Thursday we had the pleasure of hosting a collaboration beer dinner at Chef and the Farmer with New Belgium Brewing (Denver, CO)- one of their brewers flew out to personally introduce each New Belgium beer to the SOLD OUT crowd. Two other New Belgium reps were on hand and made rounds to every table- working the heck out of dozens and dozens of Eastern Carolina beer (and food) lovers. The night was fantastic.
Friday we headed west to do some beer tastings in Durham, and then served up our fine brew at the World Beer Festival there. The number of people attending the World Beer Festival in Durham was seriously Outrageous. We sold hundreds of Mother Earth Brewing t-shirts and poured beer all day and night. We sincerely thank everyone who attended, and apologize that we did not have a chance to chat with each of you! Sat night was also APA reunion night at the Tap Room... my alma mater.
Back at the brewery this week, we're brewing (Endless River Kolsch for starters) and transferring Imperial Stout into barrels (wooow, more on this fine beer in the coming weeks!) Josh has been teaching his "Beer 101" class weekly at Lenior Community College, and loving every moment of it. A few of his die-hard students from New Bern, NC even came out for the collaborative beer dinner- cheers to those guys!
In the Tap Room, there is always some great action- if you're looking for beer diversity, and great (limited supply) surprises, you'll find um. Travis (Tap Room Manager) is happy to announce that the Tap Room NOW ACCEPTS CREDIT CARDS! Hooray. That's big news.
Hope you all have a fantastic week- and thanks again to all who turned out to support us at our many recent events. Don't forget to check out the event line-up for the rest of the month.

Peace, Love and Beer.................................................TM